Water damage restoration is a service we all hope to never have to use.  However, when you find yourself in a wet mess, VMC Restoration is here when you need us!

Water damage can occur without notice.  Broken pipes, busted drain hoses, or overflowing toilets can wreak havoc on your home.  Water damage can happen really quickly but it can also happen over time. If you have had a small leak under your sink, you might find that your floorboards and supporting beams are affected.  This could affect the drywall in the next room and so much more. Water can damage fast and can spread quickly.

Drywall acts as a wick and soaks the water right up.  This will then ruin the drywall as well as the insulation and boards inside.  The very best thing you can do to assist in the clean up is to call a professional water damage restoration company right away.

Get A Water Damage Inspection

First, the water damage will have to be inspected.  We don’t go with a simple visual inspection but come in with a line up of professional equipment that will allow us to know the level of damage.  We will use:

  • Manometer – Which is used to measure the gas and vapor pressure in the air.
  • Thermo Hygrometers -This is used to measure the relative humidity in the air. This allows the crew to fully understand how much moisture has gotten into the air and subsequently into the surrounding building materials.
  • Moisture meters – Used to determine the level of moisture that is actually in the building materials such as the surrounding wood.
  • Thermal imaging cameras – They help to find water that has traveled behind other structures.
  • Moisture sensors-Used to determine the level of moisture in carpeting and pads.  It is equipped with a probe.
  • Inspection cameras and Borescopes are used when it is too difficult to get into space but need to be tested for contamination.

What Is Used To Extract The Water?

There are several ways to get the initial water out.  All of these ways will use a pump that is either mounted on the truck or portable.  Here are the three types of pumps that will be used in a water damage restoration process:

Submersible pumps are the pumps that are used most often.  They are fairly quiet and come in a variety of sizes to suit the particular needs of the particular restoration project.

High-pressure pumps are used in places such as garages or basements.

Self-priming trash pumps are used when there are solids mixed in with the water that is to be removed.  These have other names as well.

The Drying Process

Once the majority of the water is out, it is time for the final drying phase.  Here there are a variety of options as well, depending on what is needed.  We focus on drying everything the best we can to eliminate as much restoration reconstruction as possible. This is why we have to move fast and bring in industrial machines such as:

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Structural drying equipment
  • Axial air movers
  • Centrifugal air movers

Other devices such as heaters and industrial vacuums are utilized as well.

If you are looking for a water damage restoration service in Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada, give us a call! (702) 900-0909.

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