Looking for a Mold Removal/Remediation company?  When mold is found it can be overwhelming on what to do. How do you clean it up?  How do you keep it from coming back?  These, amount other questions are some that we hear all the time.  At times you have found the mold by sight. You can see you have a mold problem.  This could be under a leaking sink or in the bathroom. It is typically related to a water issue and often we combine our mold removal/remediation with our other restoration services.  There are some great ways to prevent mold in the first place.  You could have a dehumidifier going in areas that have high humidity.  Run your bathroom fan when taking a shower.  Be sure that your wet clothing and towels are out in the open and not shut into a bathroom.  Of course, if you have a leak in the roof or a plumbing leak fix the problem right away.  However, many of us don’t know about the leaking roof until it is too late.  This means that you might have a smell that is moldy or mildew like but you cannot see the mold.  This is very common, in fact, more common than we would like. 

Smell mold or mildew?

If you smell mold or mildew, call today, and let’s get started on investigating why that is. Our specialized instruments can find where the mold is without us actually seeing it.  It is very common for mold to be between walls or in the attic under the insulation.  We have equipment that can tell us that before we start tearing into the walls or ceiling.  There will most likely be some demolitions when we are doing the Mold Removal/Remediation services.  This ensures that we get the mold out.  However, there are treatments that can be done for mold that is on visible surfaces.   If you are a landlord and have a terrible situation on your hands that involves a lot of mold, give us a call.  Some people are hoarders of all types of things. This can be horrible on the apartment’s walls and interior.  Many times they will leave wet or moist things laying about that will cause a serious mold issue.  Mold is not healthy to live with. In fact, there are some molds that are even deadly.  Don’t take mold issues into your own hands as it can be very dangerous.  We want to assist you in the Mold Removal/Remediation process in the right and proper way to ensure that your building is safe for people to be in.  

Areas of concern.

Leaking and moist basements as well as pool areas are also areas that have mold issues.  This is usually surface mold that can be easily cleaned up.  However, we might have some suggestions to keep it clean once we have finished.  Sometimes running a humidifier will help greatly with this.   Ensure that you have proper ventilation.  Areas such as the kitchen and bathroom where you will have steam building up. You should have these areas ventilated to the outdoors to ensure that the moisture doesn’t build up and cause any problems.  If you need a Mold Removal/Remediation specialist, call today.
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